The Canadian Ape Alliance is offering for sale a select few, beautifully rustic, carved-wood sculptures of gorillas in various postures. They are the product of artisans in a craft program for former poachers operated by our partner organization, the Pole-Pole Foundation. Your purchase of one of these carvings helps protect the apes of the eastern DR Congo by providing former hunters with an alternative livelihood as artisans, enabling them to give up lives of poaching within Kahuzi-Beiga Park. This program directly reduces the hunting pressure on the gorillas and enhances their immediate security.

The craft workshop is providing the artisans with training in carving techniques. To date, 27 men have changed their means of livelihood from poacher to artisan through this program and 18 are currently employed in the workshop. Carvings usually depict wildlife, particularly gorillas, found in the park. The carvings of gorillas we have for sale show a delightful craftsmanship, and are beautiful as well as thought-inducing. They remind us of something of supreme value and the continuation of these magnificent beings, the great apes. They reflect our hope.

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Each piece will come with a certificate testifying that it was hand carved in the Eastern DRC as part of this retraining program.

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