Canadian Ape Alliance TL2 data in latest issue of National Geographic

February 21st, 2013

The article titled “The Left Bank Ape” in the latest issue of National geographic takes an exclusive look at bonobos living in the remote regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nick January from Canadian Ape Alliance worked with the National Geographic Society on a Bonobo habitat map defined by new boundary park lines for TL2.

You can see the maps and read the full article on the National Geographic site.

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We are looking for an Executive Director

February 20th, 2013

Canadian Ape Alliance (CAA) is currently seeking a Toronto-based Executive Director for its Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) operations in a part-time volunteer capacity.

You can see the job listing here along with information on how to apply.

Situation in Goma

December 4th, 2012

There is generally good news, at least for the short term on the situation in DRC. M23 is officially moving out of Goma now.

However, they are only pulling back  by between 20-40 kilometers and it looks like they will continue to control the airport. Goma lost power and water for over a week, Bakavu and the regions around our projects were not attacked or occupied. Yet many NGO’s have at least temporarily suspended activities. There have been some cross border clashes between Rwanda and DRC.

Unfortunately, virtually everyone agrees, it looks like we are now moving into a much less stable period. We will carry on as best we are able. In the meantime, we will go on with the school and other projects.

I am Congo

May 1st, 2012

Our own Dominique Bikaba from Strong Roots Congo, has been featured in a new video series titled “I Am Congo. The series capture the lives of five Congolese individuals who give us hope. They fight for a better future for their families and communities and they are why we do the work we do.

You can view the full interview with Dominique on the Raise Hope for Congo website.

Help us complete new classrooms

March 8th, 2012

In light of recent new-found awareness in the media of some of the issues surrounding kids in Uganda and DRC, we urge you to donate to our Kahuzi-Biega Environmental School program. Canadian Ape Alliance is really close to the goal of building new classrooms and is trying to close the funding gap in costs of running the school for a year. Our aim is to raise enough funding within the next few months to get started right away.

Our partner group has been authorized by the Congolese government to build and run the school, but they receive no additional funding.

“Canadian Ape Alliance delegates came here when no other foreigners were willing to cross the Congolese border, and we are eternally grateful for the help we received during and after this time of war.”

– Dominique Bikaba, Director of Strong Roots Congo

You can donate directly to our fund online. We are 100% volunteer-run and will issue a full tax receipt if you are a Canadian resident. We really appreciate your donations and feel that you make a great choice by donating to programs on the ground that make a difference.

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