About Canadian Ape Alliance

A growing number of Canadians are concerned about the potential extinction of the great apes. The Canadian Ape Alliance was established by Dr. Kerry Bowman and his colleagues to coordinate and increase efforts in raising awareness of the imminent threats to the great apes, develop conservation strategies, and raise funds.

The Canadian Ape Alliance advances conservation and awareness of all Great Apes and the environments they live in, by respecting human need. All conservation strategies are designed to reflect local cultures, as well as economic and political realities. We see The Great Apes as ambassadors of the ecosystems they live in; we believe all life matters. Because the needs of the Great apes are complex and vast, our team includes people from all walks of life. We believe through coordinated individual action, we can improve the environment of all Great Apes and other living things.

The situation facing the great apes today, calls for support from the developed nations like Canada and the USA, and the many European nations.

It is the support from nations like these that will eventually make the difference in saving the apes from extinction. Many of the people in the African countries where the unsustainable hunting is occurring, know that they need help, but do not have the resources or funding to help put an end to it. We must encourage our governments and politicians to become involved in something that will have a global effect.

What does it say about humans who are wiping out their very own closest relatives? These creatures do not just belong to the people in these countries around the world, like those in Africa, but to all of us. It is our obligation as citizens of developed nations to do whatever we can, from wherever it is that we live, to aid in this difficult battle to end this most urgent crisis.

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